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3 Tips for Conserving Energy While Staying Comfortable this Winter

Energy Efficiency

We’re now entering the period in the year when the temperatures drop, and our homes become much cooler as a result. It’s why many Fort Wayne, IN property owners, are now considering how best to heat their home efficiently this winter season as they attempt to stay warm and comfortable.

Our team has many years of experience in the home heating industry and in this latest post, we’ll offer you three tips to help keep warm this winter season.

Insulate the Windows

Window Insulation

Cool air entering through the windows is one of the foremost reasons for a cooling effect in the home during the winter season. Take the time now to ensure that the windows in your home are insulated effectively.

It’s important that you work with professionals in this process as a small mistake can lead to damaged windows and a significant repair job. Review the insulation on all windows in the home to make sure that your property is protected throughout the winter.

Caulk the Window Framing

Window Caulk

The window framing can sometimes become dislodged from the rest of the window over time.

This is particularly the case in older homes with windows that haven’t been remodeled for several years. Make sure that you add caulking material to the window framing to seal any gaps that might have appeared between the window and the frame.

It takes just a small gap to allow significant amounts of cool air into the home, and completing caulking work now is the best way to ensure the home is protected for the years to come. If you have any questions about this process, make sure you turn to a trusted specialist before you begin the caulking work.

Reverse the Direction of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

We know that turning our ceiling fans on can help us keep cool during the summer months, but most don’t know that our fans can also have a warming effect in the winter.

By simply reversing the direction of the ceiling fan, you can cause the fan to pick the cool air up from in the room, which can reduce heating bills by 10% throughout the winter!

Take the time to move forward on these home maintenance tasks ready for the winter season. Beginning now can ensure you’ll save money and keep your home comfortable and warm for the months ahead.

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