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7 Ways You Can Hurt Yourself Being a DIY Electrician


There are some home improvement jobs you may be able to take on yourself in order to avoid the cost of hiring a professional. In most cases, being a “DIY-er” (or Do-It-Yourselfer) is totally okay, and can be a great way to save money. Some people even consider it a hobby.

One thing that should never be done by yourself without proper training, though, is electrical work. Working with electricity, especially higher voltages, can be not only dangerous but even life-threatening. No matter what, keeping yourself and your home safe should always be your top priority.

Continue reading to learn more about the possible dangers of doing your own electrical work, what kind of safety equipment you’ll need to do any electrical work, and how you can get a professional electrician to your home to do the work you aren’t trained for.

Beware of These 7 Electrical Hazards

Can you remember, growing up, the little plastic covers your parents would put in all of the electrical wall outlets? That’s because coming into contact with the electrical currents within those outlets could cause you serious harm.
Here are a few other things that could go wrong when doing your own electrical work:


  • You could start an electrical fire.
  • You could cause serious damage to your muscles, tissues, and/or nervous system.
  • Your body could go into shock if electrocuted, causing you to fall on the floor and possibly become injured.
  • You could forfeit the right to insurance coverage for accidents related to your electrical work.
  • You could damage your electrical panel.
  • You could burn yourself by coming in contact with a strong electrical current.
  • You could put others in your home in danger.

You’ll Need Electrical Safety Equipment


If you were to perform electrical work in your own home, you would need certain safety equipment to protect yourself and your home from the dangers mentioned in the last section.

Professional electricians always work with insulated gloves, and sometimes even insulated boots and coveralls. Insulated mats should also be used to protect you from fire or scorching by any electrical wires that might come into contact with the floor.

There are also specific tools like voltage detectors, earthing and short-circuiting kits, face shields, and more that may be needed.

Save Yourself The Trouble, Call Your Local Electrician


In short, saving a few hundred dollars by doing your electrical work yourself is just not worth the trouble, and harm, it could cause. If you need electrical work done in your home, give your local electrician a call today.

Korte Does It All has highly trained professional electricians that know how to meet your needs while keeping the job safe for everyone. Put your personal safety first, and avoid doing any electrical work yourself.

Make sure to share the information in this article with your family and friends to promote their safety around electricity as well. If you’ve got any more questions about electrical work and safety call Korte Does It All in New Haven at (260) 493-2596.

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