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8 Common Winter Furnace Problems for Indiana Homeowners

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When temperatures drop in Indiana, a furnace breakdown can be a true emergency. Without a functional heating system, your comfort will suffer significantly. While furnaces are complex systems, they’re often plagued by the same basic problems. By recognizing common furnace issues, you can receive help quickly or even fix the problem yourself while also giving you the knowledge you need to prevent furnace problems in the first place. 

1. Dirty Air Filters

The air filters in your furnace filter out dust, debris, and other particles before pushing heated air into your home. After a while, these filters become dirty or clogged, reducing the airflow to the furnace and making it work harder than necessary to circulate. To fix this issue, replace your furnace’s air filters, and to prevent it, change them every three to six months. 

2. Lack of Maintenance

If your furnace hasn’t been receiving routine maintenance, this may be the root of your issues. During preventative maintenance appointments, a technician will complete all the necessary maintenance tasks, like cleaning, calibrating, and lubricating components to help your system run efficiently and effectively. Schedule annual furnace maintenance from a qualified HVAC technician to prevent your system from becoming overworked.

3. Pilot Light Issues

Pilot light issues make it difficult for your furnace to produce heat, as they are the ignition for the system. If your pilot light is yellow, it’s not receiving enough oxygen for the flame. A technician will need to clean the air intake valve to restore adequate oxygen flown to the pilot light and get your furnace working again.

4. Short-Cycling

If your furnace is constantly turning on and off, there are three typical causes: reduced airflow, thermostat setting issues, or fan limiter problems. Luckily, these issues have fairly simple fixes. While thermostat settings can be adjusted on your own, clogged ductwork and damaged fan limiters will require professional furnace repair.

5. Excessive Noise

While a furnace doesn’t run silently, you should rarely experience loud noises. Sounds like rumbling, squeaking, and rattling are all signs of a mechanical problem that will require professional attention from an HVAC specialist. An expert technician can determine if you have loose components, a clogged burner, a damaged blower belt, or other issues requiring repairs. 

6. Blowing Cold Air

If your furnace is blowing cold air, you could have many issues. Things like dirty air filters and clogged ductwork can affect furnace performance, as well as issues with power, gas, or the pilot light. A professional technician can provide you with an accurate diagnosis of the problem and provide the services or repairs necessary to get your system blowing hot air again.

7. Leaks

Your furnace has a condensation pipe that drains water produced as the combustion fuel cools. If this pipe becomes clogged or cracked, your furnace can develop a pool around it. To fix the leak, a technician will need to investigate the cause and either remove any clogs or repair any cracks that are allowing water to seep out.

8. Low Fuel

Like any home comfort system, your furnace requires fuel to run. Without it, the igniter can’t heat the gas to warm the air. If your gas supply is compromised, you’ll need a technician to either refill your supply or check your main gas valve to ensure your system can run effectively.

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