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Treat Dad Like a King With a New Throne This Father's Day!

Treat the King of the Castle To a New Throne

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, and many families need some good ideas to show Dad just how much he is loved. While Dad might be a hard one to shop for, some great unconventional ideas might just be the best gifts of all. The top recommended idea? A new toilet!

Yes, you heard that right. And why? Well, simply put, every king needs a new throne once in a while. Father’s Day is the perfect time to upgrade the throne for Dad. Just think how often he uses the bathroom – this will truly be a gift that will keep on giving not just for Dad, but also for the rest of the family!

How To Tell When It Is Time for a New Toilet

new toilet

How exactly will a homeowner know if now is the time for a new toilet for Dad? Of course, if the family just upgraded their toilets, now is probably not the best time. But in all likelihood, many families are probably past due for an upgrade. Here are some common ways to tell that a new toilet is in order:

  • Continuous clogging
  • Continuous repairs
  • Debris buildups
  • Leaks or cracks in or around the toilet
  • Strangely high water bills (several months in a row)

Remember that malfunctions or minor problems every once in a while are typical of nearly any appliance. Homeowners should specifically be looking out for continuous issues or signs of severe problems that require complicated fixes. These will become more common as the toilet gets older.

So Many Toilet Options To Choose From!

Perhaps the family has opted for the unconventional throne idea. Now, what type of toilet should they choose? Well, there are many different options:

  • Two-piece toilet (most common) – separate bowl and tank, a taller seat, lower costs to repair
  • One-piece toilet (relatively common) – combined bowl and tank, lower seat, easier to install, more durable
  • Smart toilet – has special features like automatic flushing, smart lighting, heated seats, and more
  • Wall-hung – mounted to the wall (tank is located inside the wall), more modern, more expensive repairs

Given the extensive options out there, families should think through which option fits Dad the best. It is hard to go wrong and more so a matter of preference!

measuring tape

Measuring Before Buying Is a Must

The last and perhaps most important step before purchasing a new throne is for families to measure it beforehand. They should know the dimensions of the area in which they plan to install the toilet and compare this to the potential toilet they plan to purchase.

The most critical measurements include depth, height, and rough-in measurement, which refers to the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the waste pipe. Taking the time to measure will save a huge amount of time and money in the future and ensure that Dad and the rest of the family have enough space to enjoy their new toilet!

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