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Central Air Conditioners and Ductless Air Conditioners

Picking the Right Cooling System for Every Home

Every home is unique, and so are the needs of those that live there. Due to this, every home cooling system must be custom designed upon installation to ensure that homes stay comfortable and air conditioning equipment stays reliable. Until fairly recently, nearly every house had a central air conditioning system installed for comfort. With new market demands and technology, another type of system started gaining popularity: ductless mini split air conditioners.

Having another option besides a central AC system begs the question, “which one is best?” In this quick guide from local HVAC experts, homeowners can discover information about both options to help them make an informed decision when the time comes for an upgrade.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

central AC

A central air conditioning system is probably the type of air conditioner most people are familiar with. In a central AC system, a unit consisting of an evaporator coil, a furnace, and a blower pushes cooled air through the ductwork installed during construction. Conditioned air travels through the ductwork to each room in the home from the central blower.

Central air conditioners do a great job of cooling a home and keeping humidity in check. These systems are very reliable when cared for with good AC maintenance practices. They can also be efficient as long as insulation on ductwork is maintained.

Ductless AC Units

ductless mini-split

Ductless mini split air conditioners use the same principles as a central AC to operate but do so in an innovative way. Instead of using an elaborate and expensive system of ducts to move cooled air around the home, they use a system of blower heads that are used to cool different zones of a home. A zone could be an individual room or several rooms.

The main benefit of ductless mini-split systems is that they can greatly reduce cooling costs. A central air conditioning system wastes energy by cooling an entire home instead of just the most commonly occupied rooms. With mini split air conditioners, a room’s occupants can select the temperature they desire, and the system only cools that area.

Ductless AC units are perfect for renovations and retrofits because they are simpler to install than a central air conditioner and don’t require existing ducts. They generally cost more upfront than a central AC unit, but they quickly start saving money by reducing bills.

Other Options for Air Conditioning

Central AC and mini split systems are the two most popular options for cooling a home, but they aren’t the only options. Homes built before air conditioners were popular and don’t have air ducts need cooling too. Customers need options for comfort even if their home wasn’t designed for it. Two alternative options are:

  • Window Units: Small air conditioners in each window cool the home. These have benefits similar to a mini split, but the drawback is a short lifespan and having to winterize them during the cold.
  • Portable Air Conditioners: Portable air conditioners are a last resort. They can be adequate for one room but aren’t as efficient or convenient as a window unit. However, they are easier to winterize than window units.

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