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Common Plumbing Myths People Fall for Every Time


How much do you really know about your plumbing? For instance, are you able to sort out fact from fiction? There are a lot of myths around your pipes and drains and how they work. The only way to really make sure that you stay on top of things is to be able to spot a plumbing myth when you see one.

We’ve put together a list of some commonly believed myths that numerous homeowners fall for, time and time again.

The Plunger Can Fix Any Clog

While the plunger is a great tool to dislodge a number of clogs, if you are dealing with something solid or dense (like a major buildup or a tree root, for instance) the suction of the plunger won’t be enough. You’ll need to resort to a plumbing snake or the force of hydrojetting.

Your plunger is, however, a great first step to take to try to get those clogs out.

Creatures Can’t Swim up Your Pipes


If the thought of creatures makes you squirm (think the slithering or crawling kind) you may want to take notice of this. Creatures can, in fact, swim up your pipes.

Rats, for instance, are excellent swimmers and do reside in the sewers often. Other creatures you might find are snakes, frogs and squirrels.

If you live in an area where these critters are known to frequent, simply having a flap put overtop your waste pipe on the toilet can keep them out.

Water Heaters Don’t Explode

Oh yes, they do! In order to prevent this from happening, you need to maintain your water heater on a regular basis with the help of a professional.

When your T&P (temperature and pressure) valve is damaged or blocked (either with residue or air flow) it isn’t able to vent the steam that gathers as your heater heats the water. Eventually, it will explode under these conditions. Check your valve now and then to make sure that it isn’t blocked.

A Leaking Faucet Isn’t That Bad


Any water leaking anywhere that it isn’t supposed to poses a threat of damage to your home and to your belongings. A leaky faucet could also be symptomatic of larger problems. It’s an easy DIY fix to tighten a leaky faucet (if that is what the problem is), so don’t put it off.

If Water is Still Going Down the Drain, it Isn’t Clogged

Although it may appear that things are ok if your water is draining, it doesn’t mean that your pipes are completely clear. You could have a partial clog that is growing into something more sinister. And it doesn’t take long for a small clog that seems manageable to turn into a plumbing disaster.

If your sinks and tubs are slow to drain, that’s a sign! Get out the plunger or call your plumber for help.

We’ve got all the facts straight to help you avoid plumbing problems; we’ve also got the expertise to fix them if you run into trouble. Call Korte Does It All today at (260) 493-2596, serving New Haven, IN.

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