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Three Best Ways To Protect Pipes This Winter

a frozen pipe

Holiday Festivities Can’t Happen With Frozen Pipes

As the weather gets colder, families tend to spend more time together indoors. This is especially true during the holiday season. For many people around the world, winter is their favorite because of the extra time together. Homeowners need to have their plumbing system checked before the winter months. Most homeowners have to take the initiative to protect their pipes against the cold weather conditions before they risk repiping.

The three tips below are some of the best ways to protect a home’s pipes all season long. If homeowners take the time to do these things now, it will reduce the risk of frozen pipes during the holidays. For more information about these three tips, continue reading below. 

The Importance of Insulated Pipes

pipe insulation

The first on the list, and arguably the most important, reminds homeowners to have their pipes insulated. Indiana weather gets pretty cold during the winter, and it can severely compromise the piping system’s integrity. Insulating pipes ensure that the pipes don’t freeze when the weather gets cold. 

There are numerous benefits associated with insulating pipes, some of which include: 

  • Discourages freezing
  • Lowers water bill
  • Lowers energy bill
  • Protects the piping system
  • Prevents illness 

When pipes freeze, homeowners are forced to turn off their water until a professional can fix the issue. Because of this, those in the household are more susceptible to sickness if the plumbers don’t get the problem fixed quickly enough. 

Let the Faucets Drip

Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, but it is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to prevent pipes from freezing this winter. All exterior pipes are highly susceptible to freezing, so the more tips for protection, the better. 

someone washing their hands

It doesn’t matter if the water is hot or cold, but if homeowners let their faucets drip water, it will ensure the pipes do not freeze. If the pipe has water constantly running through it, the pipe won’t freeze. 

Homeowners might notice an increase in their water bill, which can be concerning because one of the warning signs of a water leak is an increased water bill. That said, the increase is likely to be slight, if noticeable at all. In the end, a higher bill is worth it if it means saving the integrity of the plumbing system. 

Nothing Below 55 Degrees Fahrenheit!

This is also the time of year when people are more likely to try and save money at every turn. Some homeowners might try to do so by turning off their heat at night. However, this inconsistency in temperature can lead to pipes freezing as well. Maintaining a consistent temperature will not only save the pipes, but it will likely save on the energy bill in the end anyway. 

If the home doesn’t have to try as hard to maintain a consistent temperature, it saves the homeowner in the end rather than turning the heat off entirely. 

Regardless, as long as the thermostat stays above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the pipes should be safe from freezing. The thing about Fort Wayne is that a house likely won’t stay that warm if the homeowner turns the heat off, which is why it is so important for the homeowner to leave it on. 

Korte Does It All Is There To Keep the Holidays Safe

When it comes to Fort Wayne plumbing, no one does it quite like the experts at Korte Does It All. They work hard because they want their customers to feel safe and like their homes are as efficient as possible. To schedule great plumbing services, call today!

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