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Fight Spring Allergies By Improving Indoor Air Quality!

With April Showers Come May Flowers – And a Higher Pollen Count!

Spring is a time of renewal and transformation. The cold nights give way to warm days, the snow gives way to cool rain, and nature fills with green vegetation and bright blossoms. But with all the new growth and beautiful blooming flowers comes the dreaded spring allergy season! 

This is the time of year when pollen, mold spores, and blowing dust are at their highest levels. But what many people don’t realize is that these pollutants can reach much higher concentrations indoors than they do outdoors, further aggravating allergies. This article will outline a few ways homeowners and business owners can fight back and take control of their indoor air quality this spring!

How Air Purifiers and Air Scrubbers Can Help

Two of the most powerful tools in the battle against indoor pollutants are air purifiers and air scrubbers. Air purifiers capture airborne particles, typically using either a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter or an ionization array, or both in tandem. These can capture tiny particles that a typical air filter cannot. Portable air purifiers can clean the air in one room, while whole-house air purifiers installed in the ductwork can clean a whole home’s air before it’s distributed throughout the house.

Air scrubbers operate by the same principle as air purifiers, but they also release negative ions into the air. The negative ions bind with the positive ions in tiny airborne particles, making them heavy enough to collect on surfaces rather than floating through the air. The harmful particles can then be cleaned or captured more easily. This gives air scrubbers a slight advantage over purifiers, as they actively “seek out” pollutants within the home and neutralize them. Air scrubbers are often used in mold remediation and commercial settings like healthcare and manufacturing facilities, but they can work wonders in homes also.

Benefits of Dehumidifiers and UV Air Sanitizers

Two more options for improving the air quality are UV air sanitizers and dehumidifiers. With a UV air sanitizer, air passes through the unit and is exposed to ultraviolet light, which kills or neutralizes harmful pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, and mold. This technology has been used for years in hospitals, laboratories, commercial kitchens, and many other settings. Like air purifiers, these come in portable and whole-home models and can be an effective way to neutralize harmful contributors to allergies and respiratory illness.

Excessively high humidity levels can also contribute to poor air quality, as a moist environment makes it easy for mold, bacteria, and dust mites to thrive. Air conditioners help manage relative humidity levels to some extent, but a dehumidifier may be necessary for a humid climate like Fort Wayne. Dehumidifiers capture moisture from the air by condensing it into liquid form, keeping relative humidity at safer, healthier levels. Dehumidifiers are also available as portable devices or larger whole-house units.

The Importance of Scheduling Filter Replacement and Maintenance

The advanced tools mentioned above can be extremely effective against spring allergies, but they’ll only go so far if the HVAC system isn’t properly maintained. Annual or bi-annual AC maintenance visits will help keep the unit clean and performing at peak capacity. Since maintenance also includes routine inspections, technicians can spot potential threats to air quality early on, such as mold growth, vermin infestation, or dirty ducts.

On top of professional AC maintenance, homeowners and business owners can help maintain high indoor air quality simply by staying on top of air filter replacements. When filters get too dirty, it contributes to the number of pollutants indoors and hinders the airflow necessary to attract and capture those pollutants. 

It’s also important to use the right filter for the job since some are more effective than others. A few types of air filters are fiberglass filters, electrostatic filters, pleated filters, and HEPA filters. Fiberglass filters can capture only the largest particles, while HEPA filters can capture even the tiniest of pollutants. But the filter needs to be compatible with the AC unit to ensure proper airflow, so those who aren’t sure what kind of filter their unit can handle would do well to consult with a professional to find the right filter.

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