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GFCIs Keep Fourth of July Activities Fun and Safe!


Use GFCIs To Keep the Home Safe

Fourth of July is only a few weeks away, which means gatherings of family and friends are fast approaching. While this can and should be a fun outing, there is always a risk of potential dangers – especially when there are cool summer drinks flowing and potentially children running around, too!

Homeowners must be on the lookout for their electrical systems, as these are especially prone to malfunctions that may be potentially hazardous to homeowners, their families, and possibly their guests as well. In particular, homeowners should invest in ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

GFCIs are specifically designed to initiate circuit breaks during current imbalances, mitigating the risk of injuries and fatalities. Read on to see where homeowners can install GFCIs to keep Fourth of July activities fun and safe!

Pool Pump Motors

Pool pump motors are a very important area where homeowners should install GFCIs. Large bodies of water are highly conductive, so it should make sense that a permanently installed pool should have adequate safety precautions! GFCIs will protect people in and around the pool from ground faults that could cause serious injuries and potentially even be lethal.

GFCIs are a requirement for pool pump motors, whether dealing with a receptacle or direct connection. If homeowners have a pool or plan to install one, they should be sure to ask their electrical and installation companies about GFCIs to ensure they are taking proper safety measures.

Pool Lighting

lighting in and around the pool

In addition to protecting pump motors with GFCIs, homeowners should also use them to protect lighting in the pool area. There are specific regulations around pool lighting designed to mitigate the risk of electrical injuries, specifically as it pertains to the proximity of outside lighting from the pool walls.

Of course, the GFCI protection also mitigates the risk of dangerous conductivity should there be current imbalances. GFCIs are also required for underwater lighting circuits, as these are in direct contact with and proximity to the pool water.

ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans and Outdoor Appliances

Last but not least, homeowners should invest in GFCIs for their ceiling fans and other outdoor appliances. This is especially the case if accessing the fan (i.e., pulling the string to initiate operation) is done from a position of proximity to water (e.g., tub, spa, pool). As mentioned prior, water is extremely conductive, so even if the fan itself is not in direct contact with the water, the person who turns on the fan will be at high risk of electrical-related injuries.

This same concept applies to any other sort of outdoor appliances that are in proximity to water. The whole purpose of GFCIs is to protect homeowners, their families, and potential guests who may be operating the appliances. In certain cases, there may technically be no need for GFCIs if there are no sources of water around (e.g., exterior ceiling fans on a porch), but surely homeowners can never be too safe!

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