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Give Dad the Relaxing Day He Deserves This Father's Day

Give The Man of the House Relaxation in His Own Home

June may be a busy time of year, but don’t forget to honor the hard-working dads out there. Father’s Day will be here soon, and this article will provide a few clever ideas to spruce up a bathroom and make it a relaxation spot for dad as a Father’s Day gift. Simple changes can create an oasis that he can use for years to come. 

Invest in a New Showerhead


Bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be a long, complicated process. Even a showerhead upgrade is considered a bathroom remodel. It is amazing how this one little fixture can change the daily shower experience from ho-hum to a home spa. There are many different kinds of showerheads, so one will be sure to appeal to dad, including:

  • Rain Showerheads: Rain showerheads are large, disc-shaped fixtures that provide the experience of bathing in the rain. They extend horizontally, allowing a “from above” flow of water and a truly relaxing experience.
  • LED Showerheads: Perhaps Dad prefers colored lights to soothe him. These showerheads use light-emitting diodes to produce a variety of colors within the showerhead, setting the tone for the whole day.
  • Low Flow Showerheads: These showerheads are eco-friendly and use less water while maximizing pressure for a positive shower experience.
  • Smart Speaker Showerheads: These showerheads have internal speakers that connect to a smartphone and can play music or podcasts in the shower.

Give Him Fixtures that are Gadgets, too!

If dad loves gadgets, he doesn’t have to be limited to the showerhead. These days, most other fixtures have models available with advanced technology that make them both convenient and fun to use. A touchless faucet may be the perfect solution if dad likes to work outside, work on cars, or do another hobby that gets his hands dirty. 

Touchless faucets use motion sensor technology that allows someone to wash their hands without adding grime or germs to a sink handle. This creates a cleaner, more sanitary space. Other high-tech plumbing upgrades include the following:

  • Dual-Flush toilets
  • Self-cleaning toilets
  • Bidet attachments
  • Steam shower kits

Fix The Fixture Leaks


If there is a faucet or showerhead in the house that has been a persistent problem for dear old dad, why not fix it as a Father’s Day gift?  A leaky faucet is more than just an annoying dripping sound. It can waste water and make for a higher water bill. By fixing the drip, people can help dad save more money and help him be more eco-friendly. The replacement faucet may use less water per minute and save even more without losing water pressure.

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