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Homeowners Can Maintain Their Electrical Systems with These Three Easy Steps

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Don’t Overload Circuits, Schedule Maintenance Appointments, and Replace Old Wires

A less-than-optimal electrical system is more than expensive utility bills. It’s power outages. It’s hours (even days!) of inconvenience. Above all else, it’s a safety hazard. According to the National Fire Protection Association, countless people suffer harm due to electrical fires each year.

Homeowners can get off on the right foot this New Year by keeping three simple things in mind. Here, residents can read about these everyday measures that will pay off in the long run. They can even start implementing those measures today.

Don’t Overload a Power Outlet

Power strips changed the game. Before, outlets could usually accommodate a maximum of two devices with no problems. Now, homeowners might plug in multiple things into one outlet without batting an eye – especially during the holiday season.

Here are some important things to know:

  • Most outlets can only accommodate 1,500 watts of energy. What does this mean, though? Well, plugging in things like fans, televisions, and gaming consoles shouldn’t be an issue. However, they should avoid plugging into high-wattage items (like washing machines and ovens) alongside other devices.
  • Power strips are for low-wattage devices. Homeowners shouldn’t plug appliances into power strips. While these devices offer many benefits (including surge protection), they can easily get overwhelmed and cause electrical fires.
  • These signs mean a power outlet is “overwhelmed.” Signs that too many things are plugged into one outlet include the lights flickering on and off, burning smells, and smoke. An outlet or wires might even feel hot to the touch. If a homeowner notices any of these things, they should cut off power to the outlet and remove the wires.

An electrician can give more information on what homeowners can and should not plug into outlets.

Schedule Annual Appointments with a Licensed Electrical Service Professional

Homeowners can go months with a defective electrical system and not even know it. For instance, they might chalk up high electrical bills to the cold season. They might not even notice any increase.

A company that offers electrical services can:

  • Conduct an electrical safety inspection
  • Check the system for electrical code compliance
  • Pull any permits needed to make repairs
  • Recommend preventative maintenance tips
  • Discuss any home rewiring options

A professional can also answer any specific questions about a home’s needs.

Replace Those Old or Damaged Wires

A wire can last decades with no change or damage in the right setting. However, in some areas, wires only last a few wires before they need replacing. It depends on a home’s design, power consumption, and occupancy.

Signs that a wire needs replacing include:

  • Burn marks. This means that the wire is overheating and can’t effectively transfer energy.
  • Exposed wiring. If one can see the wires inside a cable, it needs replacing. Rats, poor weather conditions, and heat can warp the protective coating around a cable.
  • Flickers. If a device turns on and off, chances are, the wire isn’t functioning.

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