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Did You Know That It is World Water Day on March 22?


In 1993, in response to the growing global water scarcity crisis, the United Nations established World Water Day, to be recognized every year on March 22. This day is meant to draw attention to the problems that persist in terms of availability of fresh, clean water.

Access to water is essential to health and to quality of life. On March 22, the world takes pause to discuss water conservation and to find common solutions to this problem. Even though it seems like water scarcity issues may be a world away from your hometown, know that we are a global community and that your water consumption and attitudes towards conservation are very much part of the solution.

What is the Scope of the Water Crisis?

Access to clean water is a basic human need, yet close to 800 million people are without. Water scarcity impacts health severely. It is the base of a vicious cycle. Without adequate water, people can’t water crops and grow food.

This in turn creates hunger and poverty, impacting local communities and economies in poorer countries. Access to water is essential to prosperity and to creating acceptable living standards. As you can see, a water crisis has a broad reaching impact.

How Can I Help Conserve Water?


Water conversation isn’t difficult and it doesn’t involve a lot of fancy equipment. It starts with changing your attitude around how you use water.

For instance, get in the habit of only doing laundry and running the dishwasher when full. Commit to shorter showers. When washing veggies in your sink, don’t leave the water running, but wash them in a basin instead. Don’t leave the water running if you are hand washing dishes just to rinse them.

If you are washing your car at home, don’t leave the hose running. Use a broom to clean your driveway instead of hosing it down.

Every little bit counts!

Get Your Plumbing in Shape for Water Conservation

Firstly, one of the most common culprits for water waste is leaks in your plumbing. How do you know if you have a leak? One of the first signs is a water bill creeping up for no reason.

Leaky faucets can be easily fixed with a wrench or by installing an aerator. Inspect pipes around your house to see if you can find a leak. Leaky toilets can waste a lot of valuable (and expensive) water but can be a little harder to find. Diagnose the problem by dropping food coloring into your toilet tank. Wait about 15 minutes and if the color has made its way into the bowl, then call your plumber to repair.

Also consider installing low-flow showers and toilets, both of which are excellent ways to reduce your water footprint.

If you’ve come across a leak or have more questions about how you can conserve water call us today for more information. In Fort Wayne, IN, call (260) 493-2596.

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