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Low Flush Toilets are an Easy Way to Conserve Water this Summer


We recently celebrated World Environment Day, a day dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. One of the goals of this United Nation’s celebration is motivating people to take action to protect the environment.

Inspired by World Environment Day and aware of the importance of conserving our natural resources, we’re increasingly focused on ways that we can conserve water. What we’ve learned in these efforts is that some simple life changes can have a significant impact on the environment.

In fact, water conservation can be as simple as flushing a bathroom toilet. One easy way to save water is by using low flush toilets. In hopes of inspiring everyone to ensure that they’re only using low-flush toilets, today we’re going to talk about what these toilets are, how they work and why you should use them.

The Benefits of Low Flush Toilets


All residential toilets made since 1994 are low flush toilets, which means that they use 1.6 gallons of water or less per flush. Traditional toilets use anywhere from 3.5 to 7 gallons of water per flush, so this is a significant decrease.

For the average home, toilets use more water than anything else in the house. Further, for the average family of four, simply making the transition from traditional to low flush toilets saves about 15,000 gallons of water per year.

This is a stunning number and can result in saving a significant amount of water. Plus, it will noticeably reduce your water bill each month. If you’re not already using low flush toilets, it’s well worth making the change as soon as possible to avoid wasting water with every flush of the toilet.

How Low Flush Toilets are Efficient and Effective


Many people are concerned that low flush toilets will not work as well as traditional toilets. However, given the current technology, these toilets are just as effective as full flush toilets at removing waste while using just a fraction of the water.

Low flush toilets use either a gravity-assisted or pressure-assisted method to remove waste. In gravity-assisted, when the valve is opened, water is released and flows down to remove waste.

The combination of water and gravity create the necessary force to push waste out and down the pipes. Similarly, pressure-assisted toilets store water in a tank under pressure. When the valve is released, the water and the air pressure work together to form the needed force. While both methods are effective, most low flush toilets are gravity-assisted toilets.

Prioritizing Water Conservation


Thank you for reading this post and considering ways that you can save water. It’s people like you that are going to ensure that we take care of our planet and protect our natural resources.

Keep doing everything you can to save water, and keep working to think of additional ways that we can all conserve water.

Please share any ideas that you have and contact Korte Does It All at (260) 493-2596 with any questions about low flush toilets.

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