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New Halloween Decorating Trends May Threaten Outlets

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Can Your Outlets Keep up with Halloween Decoration Trends?

There seems to be a new Halloween trend going around that could put families in danger. Things like twinkling lights and Halloween trees require extra power usage the home’s outlets aren’t used to. A trend like this could potentially lead to an electrical emergency if the outlets in the home are old or need to be replaced. It is easy to forget about the condition of a home’s outlets because they don’t require very much maintenance at all. So when they start acting up, it sometimes goes unnoticed. The best way for homeowners to ensure their home remains safe and efficient all year round is with routine care.

Read on to learn more about outlet services and when they’re needed.

How to Know When to Replace Outlets

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Outlets don’t require a lot of attention, but when they need to be replaced, they will let the homeowner know. There are clear signs that show up, and the moment these signs are noticed, the homeowner should call in a professional to ensure the home is safe from an electrical fire.

Common signs it’s time to replace an outlet:

  • The outlet is cracked or broken
  • The outlet has burn marks or appears to be melting
  • The outlet is hanging out from the wall
  • The outlet doesn’t work
  • The plug won’t stay in the outlet
  • The outlet is hot to touch
  • There is smoke on the wall near the outlet

The Different Types of Outlets

Perhaps the best part about replacing the outlets is that the homeowner now has a choice between several different types of outlets. Depending on the needs of the individual will shape the decision of what type of outlet is best for that person’s home.

Below is a list of the different outlets as well as what they do:

  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlet: The flow of energy stops when a short circuit is detected
  • AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) Outlet: Protects the home from arcs
  • 20A Outlet: Designed to handle 25% more power than other outlets
  • Smart Outlet: Can be turned on and off via a smartphone
  • USB Outlet: A USB port adds charging convenience for many of the homeowner’s devices

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Electrical work is dangerous and is nothing to mess around with. Electrical fires start in homes thousands of times a year and are more common during heavy usage times – such as Halloween. Additionally, electrical work not done according to code can open homeowners to extensive costs and fines.

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When homeowners hire a professional, the risk of an electrical fire occurring drops tremendously, and because they’re licensed, homeowners know all work is being done to the highest standard possible. Not only that, but a professional will ensure that the rest of the home is safe as well as the outlets.

Korte Does It All Knows Electrical Work

When local residents are in need of a trustworthy electrician in Fort Wayne, IN, they trust the professionals at Korte Does It All because they always work hard to ensure their customers’ safety. Not only that, but they do whatever they can to ensure their customers are satisfied and that their questions are answered.

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