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Holiday Lights in an Eco-Friendly World

Now that the turkey has been carved and consumed, it is time to turn your home into a winter wonderland. With the world trying to become more eco-friendly, many of your traditional holiday decorations can be replaced with safer options.

LED lights and solar-powered lights are a couple of new options that people can take advantage of this year to save the environment and some money in their pockets. Let’s look at some ways you can be a part of changing the world this holiday season.

LED Lights Beautify Your Home

One option this year is to replace your standard lights with LED lights. Instead of using filaments to produce light, LED lights use a light-emitting diode. As a result of this switch, you can expect to see a longer-lasting light that is much more efficient and durable. You won’t have to worry about them burning out like your normal lights and they are not too hot to touch.

led indoor lights

What’s even better is what your wallet will look like when the bill arrives. The LED lights will cost more to purchase, but you will be saving tons of money each year. The U.S. Department of Energy reported that LED lights use up to 75% less energy while lasting 25 times longer.

Sunshine and Christmas Lights

solar powered lights korteLooking for a simpler way to light up the outside of your home this holiday season? Look no further than solar-powered Christmas lights. You will no longer have to worry about all the extension cords and high priced holiday bills that will come flowing in.

With solar-powered lights, a grid with a battery inside of it will be staked into the ground. The lights are attached to this stake and you hang them up wherever you would like as you normally would. Throughout the day, the solar panels will be attracting energy from the sun to charge up the battery.

When it gets dark, a light sensor will automatically turn on the solar-powered lights with their rechargeable battery. It’s that simple! As with the indoor LED lights, you can expect to pay more initially, but none of the lights on the outside of your home will be connected to your electric bill.

LED Candles and More Decorative Ideas

LED doesn’t just stop with the stringing up of lights. Almost anything that you have ever had lit up during the holidays can be found in LED form. Many candles that people like to place in their windows can be purchased as Light Emitting Diodes. This will save the wear and tear of what normally happens to candles in the boxes each year.

led candles

You can also decorate your house with LED-lit wreaths and LED reindeer and Santa Claus. The possibilities are endless with the options available to you to decorate in the most eco-friendly way. Happy LED Holidays to you and your family! Let is be the most eco-friendly holiday yet!

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