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What Hot and Cold Spots Expose About Your HVAC System

Imagine you’re getting dressed for the day in your bedroom and by the time you get to the kitchen you realize it suddenly feels like winter. Or imagine you have one room in the house that feels like summer when the rest of the house is comfortable. Hot and cold spots in your home are often the result of a lack of HVAC system maintenance.

Some of these issues are complex and some are easily remedied. It can be anything from the easiest and most common issue to fix, airflow problems, to more complex issues like incorrect ductwork. Below you’ll find tips to address your potential airflow problem.

Airflow Problems Are The Most Common Cause of Hot and Cold Spots

airflow problemsYour HVAC system moves warm or cool air through your air ducts in order to regulate the temperature of your home. One thing that can affect temperature regulation is by blocking the airflow from your vents.

Air vents can be located all over the home. Sometimes they’re on the floor, sometimes near the ceiling, sometimes right on the wall. These vents also have a small lever that opens and closes the slats on the vent that controls airflow.

If the vent is closed or blocked by something, such as a rug or furniture, it can cause hot and cold spots in the home. You’ll want to ensure air vents are open and unblocked. Another common cause of airflow problems happens when air filters aren’t changed often enough.

As your HVAC system pushes air through your ducts, it also passes through an air filter. This air filter removes pollutants such as dust, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other toxins, before being re-circulated through your home. When an air filter gets full of these contaminants it becomes blocked, not allowing enough air to be pushed into your home, which can cause airflow issues.

Why Hot And Cold Spots Happen

In addition to possible airflow issues, there are a few other reasons you may be experiencing hot and cold spots in your home. As mentioned above, it’s very important to ensure you have a clean air filter. Another possible cause could be dirty ductwork. As air is continuously circulated through your home, buildup from pollution accumulates on the inside of your ducts.

hot and cold spots

This creates a smaller passageway for air to flow through, which could also create airflow issues. Anything that makes the compressor motor work overtime, like dirty ducts or air filter, is risky to your overall system. Not only will it cause the system not to work efficiently, but it can drive up your electric bill and potentially cause your HVAC system to have a shorter lifespan.

Fixing Airflow Problems In Your Home

fixing airflow problemsPrevention is always the best way to stay on top of airflow problems. If you’re still having common HVAC issues after you’ve established that all of your vents are open and clear, it may be time to call a technician.

After ensuring your air filter is clean, they will inspect and clean your ductwork. Professionals suggest a thorough duct cleaning every 3-5 years to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

This ensures the least amount of stress possible on your compressor motor, which will lengthen the life of your overall system. A technician will also be able to inspect for some of the more complex issues that could cause hot and cold spots like, leaks, improperly sized ductwork, or renovation complications.

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