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Why Pipe Inspections Are Important

Plumbing inspections are a common occurrence in the plumbing industry. Many times, people will call and describe a problem they’re having or simply just ask for a particular service to be performed. However, a plumber will usually tell the customer that an inspection is the first step, only because the plumber needs to see exactly what is causing the problem. Water in your house could mean a number of different things, but only an inspection will give the plumber the right answers.

Once this is achieved, the problem can be eradicated quickly. This may seem like an extra step that plumbers do to get more money out of you, but it’s actually a courtesy step to save you more money in the end. Learn more about the benefits of plumbing inspections and how they work by reading below.

Must-Know Facts on Pipe Inspection Cameras

inspection camerasVideo cameras are actually one of the more valuable tools in the plumbing industry. They save plumbers a lot of time because they give a live-action view of what the inside of the client's piping system looks like.

Plumbers rely on these camera inspections more often than not because it is the only way to see exactly what is causing a problem without digging a trench every time they get a call. Pipe inspection cameras are waterproof video cameras that enter the piping system via a drain and give the plumber a detailed visual of the state the pipes are in.

These cameras can be used with pipes that are under cement and a home’s foundation as well. Pipe cameras have made plumbers and customers happy since their creation. They make the job a little easier while also saving time and money.

Of course, these inspections are really only needed for plumbing issues that are underground rather than just a clogged drain within the home. Pipe inspection cameras truly help diagnose plumbing problems with very little effort.

Why You Need a Sewer Inspection

Repairs are expensive. That is the number one reason for getting a sewer inspection done. Save yourself some stress and money and have an inspection done before there is a plumbing emergency. Then you are only paying for the inspection and not for new plumbing.

sewer inspection

Two other important reasons for sewer inspections are:

  • Natural Wear and Tear: A regularly scheduled plumbing inspection will help you stay on top of your aging plumbing system. This will give you the upper hand when it’s time to replace certain parts.
  • Tree Roots: Tree roots love pipes, and if you suspect you have tree roots in your plumbing system there is really only one way to know for sure. That is unless you want a big trench to tear up your yard.

The Advantages of Plumbing Inspection

You really cannot go wrong with having a plumbing inspection done. It is the most efficient way to keep an eye on your plumbing system throughout the years. Getting an inspection done once a year will keep you informed so you know almost exactly when you’ll need to save money for a possible future repair.

plumbing benefitsSome amazing benefits of a plumbing inspection include:
  • Easily locate a leak or clog.
  • No unnecessary digging.
  • Determine and maintain a healthy condition of pipes.
  • Longer pipe lifespan.
  • Long-term money savings.
  • Provide a reference video to look back on.

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