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New Year's Resolutions for Your Home's Electrical System


Your Electrical System Deserves Some Resolutions, Too!

The new year is here, and the time for resolutions is now. While it’s good for people to have resolutions about themselves and their personal lives, it’s also good to have resolutions for hearth and home. Years can pass by quickly, and it’s easy to overlook certain things, especially those that are out of sight and out of mind, like a home’s electrical system. Worn-out wires, dated outlets, and tripping breakers are all signs that the electrical system needs some care. Below are some ways to avoid costly electrical emergencies and keep homeowners and their families safe by starting off the year right. 

Fix Damaged or Worn-Out Wires

It may not seem so, but electrical wires can become worn-out over time. They can also become damaged by pests, water leaks, and any loose plumbing pipes that move when transporting water. When these wires become damaged or worn-out, they can present a danger to the household. They can cause electrical fires when not properly repaired or left alone. 

outlet being inspected

Even a small fire that doesn’t necessarily pose a risk to life and limb can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. No one wants that. Some indications that a home has faulty wires include constant tripping, flickering lights, weak or failing appliances, and a burning smell. 

Have a Professional Inspect Outlets

Outlet inspections are an important part of keeping any home’s electrical system safe and working properly. And it’s not just those in older homes who should have their outlets inspected—homeowners should ensure proper outlet function when adding or changing any major appliances during home renovations or remodels and before buying, selling, or renting a home. Plus, houses that were built more than 40 years ago should have their outlets inspected.

Some signs that outlets need an inspection include dead outlets, outlets with black scorch marks on them, or the need for extension cords to meet the home’s electrical requirements. Also, if chords plugged into the outlets are loose or don’t stay put, the connections inside are likely worn down and need replacing. 

Tips To Avoid Overloading


Overloading circuit breakers can be a pain. When breakers are constantly tripping, it’s an indication that something is wrong or the circuit is being overloaded. This is most common when homes get new appliances or use too many appliances on the same circuit. An occasional breaker trip is nothing to worry about, but it should be cause for concern when it happens repeatedly. 

To avoid circuit breaker trips, homeowners should avoid using extension cords or power strips for major appliances. They should also always plug appliances into the wall outlet. If the appliance keeps tripping the breaker, it’s time to call a professional electrician to inspect the issue. It’s also a good idea for homeowners to know the amperage associated with their circuit breakers. The rule of thumb is that a breaker can handle 80% of its amperage. This is the easiest way to decide if an appliance or appliances are overloading the breaker. 

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