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Should You Install a Water Softener? Look for These 3 Signs

Is There Hard Water Flowing Through Your Pipes?

There’s a lot of talk about hard and soft water. Some homeowners swear by their water softener, saying that installing it made a huge difference in their home. Others don’t mind the problems and risks of having hard water in their home’s plumbing system. Still, other homeowners are lucky enough that they don’t have hard water.

But what’s the difference? Hard water has a high content of dissolved minerals, which are usually magnesium and calcium. Soft water is considered to have a low or “normal” amount of dissolved minerals. Hard water doesn’t pose a health threat to those who drink it or bathe in it, which is why some homeowners avoid installing a water softener. But, there are other issues to take into account.

The Sight of Hard Water

Those who aren’t sure whether they have hard water in their home need only to look at where the water has been. Hard water often leaves behind a residue due to its high mineral content. This means that in sink and shower basins that there’s often a white, chalky residue. Around faucets, there’s typically a similar residue that is difficult to clean away.

Everything that hard water touches is affected by it. On dishes, there are water spots that won’t go away no matter what kind of soap is used. The clothes in the washer often come out looking dirty since hard water doesn’t do a great job of dissolving soap. This can leave dirt and grime on clothes – even after multiple washes.

The Feel of Hard Water

hard water

Hard water also feels different from soft water. Once again, this is mainly because soap doesn’t dissolve well in hard water. So after a shower, the skin can feel dry and itchy. It can also feel as if there’s a film left on the skin after a shower. The same goes for hair, as hard water often makes hair look dull and lifeless.

Since hard water has a hard time getting clothes clean, it can leave them feeling dirty and scratchy. Some find that their clothes never feel soft again, so long as they wash them in hard water. The same goes for bedsheets and towels as well.

leaking pipe

Hard Water’s Effects on Pipes

The look and feel of hard water aren’t the only things homeowners need to be concerned with. The minerals in hard water can also build up on the inside of the home’s pipes. While this may not be a problem at first, if it’s allowed to continue, it can cause expensive damage. It can affect water pressure and cause pipes to leak and break.

Luckily, the easiest way to do away with all these issues is to install a water softener. These appliances help neutralize the minerals in the water to no longer affect clothes, skin, faucets, basins, or pipes. It’s best to talk to a professional plumber to discuss which water softener is best for the home.

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