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Is It Time To Replace the AC Unit?

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Signs of Inevitable AC Replacement

The air conditioner is one of the easiest systems to forget. The unit itself is located outside and rarely has cause for attention from the homeowner. That said, it is always best to have the system professionally maintained every spring to ensure it runs efficiently, not just for the coming season but for the entirety of its life. Still, there comes a time in every AC unit’s life when it is time for a replacement. Homeowners should be aware of the signs the unit presents when it is time to replace it. 

Below are a few of the common signs that tend to show up. When homeowners notice any one of these signs, they should call in a professional to take a look. 

The Age of the Unit

Air conditioning units are some of the most straightforward appliances to take care of because they don’t require much attention. Because of this, they can also be relatively easy to forget about, but it is crucial to remember how old the air conditioner is. Once an AC unit reaches 15 to 20 years old, it is most likely time for AC replacement. 

That said, it is possible to have an air conditioning unit last longer than the average unit. The number one way to help an AC unit last longer is to have it regularly maintained throughout the entirety of its life. Still, once the unit reaches about 15 years old, it is recommended to have it looked at by a professional for further advice. A professional will be able to see almost exactly how much life the unit has left before it’s time for a replacement. 

It Isn’t Efficient

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Another telltale sign that the AC unit is ready to be replaced is if it is no longer working efficiently. Efficiency is vital for many reasons, but as far as the homeowner is concerned, it saves them a lot of money in bills over time. 

Some signs that the air conditioner is no longer working efficiently are: 

  • Homeowner notices a natural increase in the energy bill
  • The system stays on longer than it used to
  • The home takes longer to cool down
  • The house doesn’t cool down consistently 
  • The system makes unusual noises when it runs

Any one of these signs could point to the need for repairs, but it could also mean that it is time for a replacement. It is essential to consult a professional to know whether a repair is necessary or a replacement. 

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The House Isn’t Cool Enough

This might be the most obvious sign for homeowners to realize. The primary purpose of an air conditioner is to cool the house down. Perhaps the worst thing in the summertime is to come home to a warm or hot house. 

If homeowners feel like their home isn’t getting or staying cool enough, there is most likely another underlying problem with their unit. Most of the time, this points to the need for a replacement altogether. Of course, it is always best to consult a professional to ensure this is the right decision to make! 

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