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What Is AC Rejuvenation?


Benefits of AC Maintenance and Rejuvenation

Plenty of people aren’t familiar with the term AC rejuvenation, even though it’s a significant part of keeping the entire system running smoothly. In this article, local HVAC techs will explain what AC rejuvenation is, while teaching homeowners a few tips for keeping their HVAC system running efficiently all summer long.

What Is an AC Air Filter?

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Before digging into what AC rejuvenation is, it’s important to start with one of the most commonly overlooked AC maintenance tools… the AC filter.
The AC unit’s air filter is potentially the most important part of the entire system. When maintained properly, it filters out dust, dirt, pet dander, smoke, and other potential irritants and allergens before they can enter the HVAC unit and circulate throughout the home.
The filter should be checked at least once a month when the unit is running (which is likely most of the year). A typical home will need its filter changed every three months, more frequently if there are pets or smokers in the house.
Not changing the filter isn’t a problem that can be fixed with a once-yearly AC rejuvenation. If dirt and dust are allowed to build up on the filter, it can slow down and eventually stop the filter’s ability to keep the home free from allergens and pollutants.

Is Duct Cleaning Important?

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One of the parts of AC rejuvenation services is checking the ducts to ensure that they are clean and free of any possible obstructions. However, in addition to having this done during AC rejuvenation service, homeowners should also consider having their ducts cleaned.
Duct cleaning is a way to remove any potential dust, dirt, and allergens from inside the duct system. If allowed to circulate through the home and the HVAC system, this debris in the air can quickly worsen allergies, and even reduce the efficiency of the way the air conditioner runs.
Luckily, a trained HVAC technician can clean the ducts out to eliminate those potential issues. This service often requires special tools that only professionals will have, and may be dangerous for an untrained homeowner to attempt on their own.

Why Routine AC Maintenance Matters

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There is no better way a homeowner can extend the life of their air conditioner than scheduling routine maintenance. And not just a standard air conditioner tune-up either! Having regular AC rejuvenation done by a trained HVAC technician during the months, it is being used can help immensely.
With AC rejuvenation, an HVAC technician will check the system in multiple ways – the ducts, filters, refrigerant, condenser coils – as well as checking to make sure it has adequate airflow and safe electrical connections.
In between these services, homeowners should make sure to perform their own routine maintenance. Check the system regularly for any signs of damage or corrosion, and change the filter when needed (as discussed above). When properly maintained, an HVAC system should last up to 25 years.

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