Professional Fort Wayne Electrical Wiring Repair & Home Electrical Wiring Installation

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Fort Wayne, IN Electrical Wiring Repair and installation

When it comes to electrical wiring in your home or commercial building, it’s important to trust a professional to maintain safety and efficiency. Fort Wayne, IN residents trust Korte Does It All, Inc. with all their electrical wiring installation and home wiring repair. Our attention-to-detail and quality training ensure that we don’t miss a thing and take all the right steps with your electrical wiring.

Faulty wiring and electrical arcs are some of the causes of outlet damages! Count on our trained specialists for emergency solutions that best fit your home's needs.

Reasons to Invest in New Home Wiring Installation

Just like other components in your home, the wiring doesn’t last forever. Eventually, you will need to replace or repair your home wiring to protect your family from danger and prevent accidents within the home. Some reasons to install new wiring in your home include:

  • If you are upgrading your electrical appliances, you should upgrade the wiring to match.
  • Old and worn out wiring can cause fires, so it should be replaced.
  • If your home has sustained water damage, you will want to replace the wiring to prevent corrosion and prevent fires.
  • Renovating your home should also be accompanied by installing new wiring.

Do You Have Aluminum Wiring in Your Home?

Older homes will most likely be equipped with aluminum wiring. If your home has this type of wiring, we recommend replacing it with copper right away. Copper is the new standard in-home wiring. Read below to find out why electrical wiring service professionals recommend copper wiring:

  • Aluminum wiring will oxidize eventually. This could cause overheating and a fire hazard.
  • Copper is more sturdy than aluminum. Since aluminum can bend, it causes disruptions or disconnections.
  • Additionally, most modern electrical devices are simply not compatible with aluminum wiring.

Protect your home against surges and blackouts with a backup house generator. Call us today for honest advice on the right system for your home!

Trust Korte Does It All, Inc. With All Your Electrical Wiring Repair Services

In addition to providing comprehensive service at an affordable price, Korte Does It All, Inc. also includes these value-adding features to each and every service call:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Our technicians are on-call 24/7 to keep you safe and protected against electrical emergencies.
  • All Calls Answered by a Real Person: When you call us, you will always speak to a real person, instead of an automated answering machine.
  • One Call Does it All: Customers can get everything they need from us with one call because we specialize in a variety of residential and commercial services.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau: Our strong passion for customer service has earned us an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Professional: Customers have even more reason to trust us because we are accredited and acknowledged by other online rating tools.

If you're concerned about the wiring in your home or commercial property, call us right away for professional wiring repair and replacement services. Call 260-493-2596 for fast and efficient service in Fort Wayne, IN.