Dependable Evaporator Coil Repair in Fort Wayne

AC not working? You could have a frozen or dirty evaporator coil. Call Korte Does It All, Inc. for professional evaporator coil services. Contact us at 260-493-2596 to find out more about coil cleaning, repair and installation services.

Fort Wayne, IN Evaporator Coil Repair

There are only a certain number of things that can go wrong with an AC system. One of the most common repairs relates to the evaporator coil. This vital component is often the first thing we check when a commercial or residential customer reports a malfunctioning AC. At Korte Does It All, Inc., we help Fort Wayne, IN customers with all their evaporator coil repair and installation services.

For all your AC repair needs, trust our technicians to get the job done! With years of experience, have peace of mind knowing we provide reliable service.

Signs It’s Time for Evaporator Coil Replacement or Repair

Here are some of the biggest signs that you are experiencing evaporator coil problems:

  • You notice uneven temperatures in your home with cold spots and warm spots.
  • The AC unit turns on and off repeatedly without actually changing the temperature.
  • There are odd noises coming from inside the air handler.
  • The condenser unit is making strange noises.
  • Warm air is coming out of the vents when it should be cold.

Any number of these issues could point to a frozen evaporator coil. Call Korte Does It All, Inc. right away for professional evaporator coil services.

What Does Evaporator Coil Service Consist Of?

Our services include:

  • Cleaning: Over time, the coil can become dirty or contaminated. During AC maintenance, we will clean the evaporator coil to make sure it operates efficiently.
  • Repair: If the coil becomes dirty and freezes, it will malfunction, causing problems throughout the entire AC system. Our evaporator coil repair services will fix the issue right away.
  • Replacement: When the coil is beyond repair, we recommend a new evaporator coil installation service. This will prevent future problems and in many cases, save the customer more money.

Not sure if you need an AC replacement service? Give us a call for competitive pricing and honest recommendations from expertly-trained technicians.

Why Work With Korte Does It All, Inc.?

In addition to providing honest and affordable services, we also include these features and benefits to add more value to our work:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: We’re on call 24/7 to keep your covered in case of a cooling emergency.
  • All Calls Answered by a Real Person: When you call us, you’ll be directly connected to a real person ready to help, not an automated answering machine.
  • One Call Does it All: By specializing in a variety of commercial and residential services, our customers can get everything they need with one call.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau: Our commitment to customer service and quality has earned us an A+ with the BBB.
  • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Professional: Get peace of mind knowing we are also recognized by various third-party rating organizations.

If your AC is not functioning properly, the issue may be the evaporator coil. For fast and reliable Fort Wayne, IN evaporator coil repair and replacement services, call 260-493-2596 today and speak to a specialist.