High Quality Heat Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation in Fort Wayne

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Fort Wayne, IN Heat Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation

Tired of opening a big energy bill each month? Residential and commercial customers in Fort Wayne, IN are starting to opt for heat pump services over traditional heaters and furnaces. These efficient units are a great alternative for many people in the area. Korte Does It All, Inc. helps residential and commercial customers in the area get the most out of their heat pumps with quality heat pump repair and installation services.

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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

The principle of a heat pump is similar to that of an air conditioning system in that the AC transfers heat and cold air. Heat pumps also transfer hot air and cold air although the method that the air is transferred and condensed is different.

Most AC uses a fuel source such as gas or electricity to power a condenser unit that affects change in the temperature. A heat pump, however, is more efficient because instead of using an energy source to affect change, it uses the outside air or underground temperature to make the change.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Pump Installation?

Some of the most beneficial features of a heat pump include:

  • Efficiency: Heat pumps do not use fuel to heat or cool the air. Instead, they transfer the hot air or cold air to change the temperature. This is more efficient than traditional systems.
  • Savings: Since you won’t be using as much fuel, you will notice significant savings on your monthly energy bills.
  • Fewer Repairs: Heat pumps have fewer moving parts in them, which results in less frequent heat pump repairs and more time until you need heat pump replacement.

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More Reasons to Choose Korte Does It All, Inc.

When you call Korte Does It All, Inc. for your professional heat pump service, you can expect the following features and benefits to come standard on your call:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Services: We’re on call 24/7 to keep you covered in case of a heating emergency.
  • All Calls Answered by a Real Person: When you call us, you will always be speaking to a real person who is ready to help. We don’t use annoying automated messaging systems.
  • One Call Does it All: We specialize in numerous residential and commercial services, making it easy for customers to get everything they need with one call.
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  • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Professional: Customers feel even more confident calling us knowing that other rating companies rate us favorably.

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