Professional Clogged Toilet Repair & Installation in Fort Wayne

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Fort Wayne, IN Clogged Toilet Repair & Installation

Nothing strikes more fear into someone’s heart than flushing the toilet only to see the water rise instead of going down. Clogged toilets are a common issue for residential and commercial clients in Fort Wayne, IN. At Korte Does It All, Inc., our technicians provide fast and effective relief from clogged toilet emergencies.

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What Causes Clogged Toilets?

When it comes to clogged toilet repair, there are usually two main culprits. When you call the professionals at Korte Does It All, Inc., we will categorize your clog into one of these two categories:

  • Simple Clogs: This type of clog is often caused by too much organic material, toilet paper or non-water soluble items such as diapers or other personal care products. Simple clogs are common in households with small children.
  • Foreign Objects: Children are also the main contributing factor to foreign objects getting flushed down the toilet. In many cases, experimenting around the toilet leads to toys, toothbrushes, glasses, cell phones and even shampoo bottles getting flushed.

How to Prevent Clogged Toilet Repair

Although it’s nice to know Korte Does It All, Inc. is available 24/7 when you need fast clogged toilet repair, ideally you want to avoid the situation altogether. Here are some professional tips on how to avoid clogged toilets in the first place:

  • Install a childproof lock on the toilet seat if you have young kids.
  • Place a garbage can next to the toilet for non-water soluble items like diapers.
  • Flush twice if necessary.
  • Use less toilet paper if you can.
  • If your toilet is always getting clogged, it may be time to replace it for a more modern model.

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Benefits of Working with Korte Does It All, Inc.

Our customers expect the best when they work with us. This is why we include the following unique benefits to each of our service calls:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Our plumbing specialists are always on-call to make sure your home is protected from plumbing emergencies 24/7.
  • All Calls Answered by a Real Person: We don’t use complicated automated systems to take our calls. When you dial our number, you are always speaking to a real person.
  • One Call Does it All: We specialize in a variety of services to maximize convenience.
  • A+ Better Business Bureau Rating: Taking pride in our work results in overwhelmingly positive reviews from our customers, making the choice to work with us even more simple.
  • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Professional: Customers are confident when they choose us because we are consistently praised by third-party rating systems.

A clogged toilet isn't the end of the world. Call 260-493-2596 for fast and reliable clogged toilet repair services in Fort Wayne, IN today. Let our technicians solve your problem and prevent future issues.