Peace of Mind Gas Line Repair, Installation & Replacement in Fort Wayne

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Fort Wayne, IN Gas Line Repair, Installation & Replacement

Natural gas is an incredibly efficient source of fuel in residential homes and commercial buildings. Many Fort Wayne, IN homeowners use gas for their heating, plumbing appliances and more. However, gas is also a dangerous fume that is toxic and flammable. Gas line leaks are serious issues that require quick gas line leak repair. Luckily, Korte Does It All, Inc. is here to make sure your home is protected with expert gas line services.

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Common Signs of a Gas Leak

If you use gas to power your plumbing appliances, be on the lookout for the following issues that may indicate a leak that requires gas line repair:

  • Smelling Eggs: Natural gas is normally a colorless, odorless fume but the gas companies put an additive in it to make it smell like rotten eggs. This ensures that gas line leak detection is easy.
  • Hissing Sounds: A rip or tear in the gas line will result in gas spilling out, this often results in hearing a hissing noise coming from the line.
  • Dead Grass: If the leak is located underground, you will notice dead grass and brown vegetation in the area.

Reasons for Gas Line Installation

There are many reasons why a homeowner would require gas line replacement or installation services. Here are the most common causes for replacement:

  • Switching from oil to gas as a fuel source in your home.
  • Installing an addition.
  • During new construction.
  • If your current gas line is constantly leaking or causing problems.
  • To replace old and outdated gas lines.
  • If you are upgrading your gas appliances.

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Benefits of Working With Korte Does It All, Inc.

Working with Korte Does It All, Inc., you can expect quality residential and commercial service at an affordable price. You can also expect the following additional features that make our services unique to other providers in the area:

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: Our technicians are on-call 24/7 to keep your family protected in case of an emergency plumbing situation like a gas line leak.
  • All Calls are Answered by Real People: You won’t need to leave a message or jump through automated hoops to speak to someone, all our calls are answered by real, live people.
  • One Call Does it All: Our customers won’t need to call several contractors for quality service. We are experienced and trained in a variety of home services to make sure you get the most comprehensive service.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau: Homeowners trust us because they see our reviews and community organization ratings.
  • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Professional: Accreditations and recognition within our industry are important because it gives customers even more reason to trust us.

Do you suspect a gas line leak in your home? Call 260-493-2596 right away for fast and safe gas line leak repair services. Our Fort Wayne, IN technicians will locate the leak and provide a comprehensive repair solution.