Expert Plumber Repair & Emergency Plumbing in Fort Wayne

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In Fort Wayne, IN, the best option for quality plumbing repair and plumbing installation services is Korte Does It All, Inc. We are proud to offer cost-effective commercial and residential plumbing services. Our customers are able to take advantage of 24-hour plumbing service and expert advice from our friendly, knowledgeable technicians. Our services are designed to save you money while also improving the overall efficiency of your plumbing components.

Here are our plumbing services we can help you with:

If you notice a significant loss of water pressure in your home's pipes, call us to assess your situation and we'll provide you with long-lasting repiping solutions.

Why Invest in Professional Plumbing Repairs?

Fort Wayne, IN Emergency Plumbing Services

When you are dealing with a plumbing issue, it might be your first instinct to perform a DIY repair. That's understandable, and in some cases, we would say go ahead by all means. However, in most cases seeking professional assistance is advised to ensure the work is performed properly and to prevent further repairs down the line.

Drain Cleaning for Your Toughest Clogs

Dirty and clogged drains are a huge issue for Fort Wayne plumbers. We regularly snake and hydro jet clogged drains to help homeowners avoid overflowing sinks and tubs. Over the years, debris such as food, hair, grease and skin flakes collect in the drains, creating stubborn clogs.

In most cases, we are able to remove the clog with safe and effective
drain cleaning services. However, sometimes, the clog is too stubborn and we require more intense measures.

This is where hydro jetting comes in handy. Using a high-pressure water jet, we can blast through the clogs, clearing out the drains and preventing future clogs from forming. As a 24-hour plumber, we are always on-call to take care of your most inconvenient clogged drain emergencies.

Dependable Water Heater Repair

When it comes to your water heater, having access to emergency plumbing service is ideal. Water heater issues are usually accompanied by losing hot water in your home, which disrupts every facet of your routine. Knowing a good emergency plumber is the key to reducing the disruption and ensuring that your water heater is repaired quickly and effectively.

At Korte Does It All, Inc. we have extensive water heater experience that comes in handy when we are troubleshooting this type of plumbing repair service.

It's time for sewer line repair services if you have foul odors and debris regurgitating from your home's drains. Reach out to us for same-day service!

Plumbing Installations You Can Trust

Whether you are looking to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, invest in whole-house repiping, or anything in between, our expertly trained technicians can help.

Bathroom Renovations

Investing in new plumbing installations is a great way to add value to your home. One of the best upgrades you can make is a bathroom renovation. Between repiping the room to accommodate new appliances to choosing shiny modern fixtures to complement the room, we can help turn your bathroom into the stunning oasis you have always dreamed of.

With quality plumbing, Fort Wayne homeowners can take advantage of modern upgrades and efficient toilets and faucets, furthering monthly utility savings.

Whole-Home Repiping

Old and outdated pipes are a health concern for your family. They also end up costing more and causing you to lose money. Upgrading your pipes to new copper or PEX piping is the best investment to make in order to save money, protect your family and prevent future problems. Our technicians can help you decide which piping material works best for you.

Don't trust an inexperienced plumber with your plumbing repair service calls. Make an appointment with our qualified Fort Wayne, IN technicians today when you need reliable and cost-effective service by calling 260-493-2596.